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The Freefire Project
Support for Developers of Free Security Solutions

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  • 05/2003 [html] Florian Weimer reported on a routing cache DOS weakness of linux
  • 05/2003 Top 75 Security Tools collected by insecure.org
  • 10/2002 The Hardening Page is online.
  • 12/2000 Open Letter from Freefire to Steve Gibson on LeakTest. [cyberpunks.org]
  • 10/2000 'Rijndael' selected by NIST as the Proposed Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (symetric) in the USA
  • 08/2000 Pictures from the Linuxtag 2000 are available from mela.de
  • 05/2000 New RFC 2828: Internet Security Glossar
  • 04/2000 The Heise Newsticker reports about the strike of the German IRCNet. Read all about this activity for more responsibility on the Net and less vandalism (using insecure Internet Sites for DDOS) [Press] [Fragen und Antworten]
  • New (less restrictive) US Crypto Export Regulations [pressrelease]
  • [txt] The Freefire Bulletin #4 is released
  • [html] The Juniper Toolkit by Optuse is now Open Source!
  • [html] Lewis Mettler started a discussion about the security implications of Open Source on news:comp.security.unix. Read more about this topic on his homepage, where you can find papers to this topic.
  • [html] Chinese Crackers Get Death
  • [html] Postfix (formlerly vmail) the secure MTA was released to public on 1998-12-14. However the licence is not yet Open Source compatible.
  • The Freefire Pages from Bernd Eckenfels received the "Five Star Selections" itmWeb Award for an an outstanding contribution to the Information Technology profession
  • [html] Linux Weekly News featured a short note about the Freefire Bulletin #3.
  • The New Freefire Bulletin #3 is out, and send to major security lists and groups.
  • The Freefire Project is mentioned in the article "Brandschutz kostenlos" ("Free Fire Defense") from Jürgen Scheiderer in the german Open Systems magazine [html] iX 9/1998.
  • [html] Free Security Informations was the name of the article on Freshmeat about the Freefire Project.
  • The Risks of Key Recovery some excelent writing about that topic
  • [txt] The Freefire Bulletin #2 (1998-06-05) was posted to diferent Newsgroups and Mailinglists.
  • Histoy of Changes available
  • New Layout now with notification on changes.

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The Freefire Project was founded in Summer '96 by Bernd Eckenfels. Besides beeing a Starting-Point in the Web for seeking free IT Security Solutions a main goal for the Project is to support Developers, Designers and Security Experts in the usage of free Software.

In addition to this pages (where you can find Information and Tools) there is a mailing list, dedicated to security software developers and security experts.

All the Pages are in English, only the Startpage is available in German, too.

Definitions and Explanations

Free Software
The Concept of Free Software is well explained on the pages of the "Open Source" Initiative. In the Area of Security Solutions you will get additional Advantages:
Innovation, Sourcecode is available for new Features and Changes. The Software is tested thousandfold, you get free Support in the Net. It is possible to test the power of the Software without the hassels for getting a test installation.

IT Security
It's not possible to get Security in IT by buying a Firewall. The security policy - an certain amount of organizational work - is more important than turn-key software solutions, which are often only used to calm down the bad conscience.
For this reason the principal purpose of the project is not only the creation of firewalls, but also the distribution of the necessary information to build security policies (and the needed Tools to test them).

Are one or more networking components between networks, which watch the adherence of the passed data to the security policy. All the dirty details are in the Internet Firewalls FAQ.

Please notify me on News and Changes:

"user@host.com (Optional F. Name)"

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